Roman Walch

Roman Walch

Co-founder of TACEO GmbH, Ph.D. Student, and Researcher in Cryptography



I am a co-founder of TACEO GmbH, researcher in cryptography, and Ph.D. student at Graz University of Technology. Before this, I completed my BSc and Dipl.-Ing. (equivalent to MSc) in computer engineering at TU Graz, with a focus on IT-Security. My main research interests include privacy enhancing technologies (FHE, MPC, ZKP), domain-specific symmetric primitives, and their application to real-world use cases.


  • (Fully) Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)
  • Multiparty Computation (MPC)
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)
  • Post-Quantum Signatures
  • Efficient Implementations
  • Ciphers for MPC, FHE, and ZKP


  • MSc in Information and Computer Engineering, 2019

    Graz University of Technology

  • BSc in Information and Computer Engineering, 2017

    Graz University of Technology


I was involved with the following courses at TU Graz:

I also had the pleasure to (co-)supervise various bachelor’s and master’s thesis:

  • Patrick Schwarz: Privacy Preserving Machine Learning (co-supervised with Lukas Helminger)
  • Mathias Oberhuber: Implementation of ECDSA and MiMC with Minimal Overhead on Hardware (co-supervised with Markus Schofnegger)
  • Jakob Feiner: Lightweight Communication for Secure Outsourced Homomorphic Computation
  • Shibam Mukherjee: Privacy Preserving Recommender Systems
  • Roman Holler: Fitting Huge Datasets into Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems
  • Peter Waldert: Secure Classification as a Service
  • Fabian Schmid: Multi-Key Homomorphic Encryption in SEAL
  • Florian Lackner: Evaluating Multi-key Homomorphic Encryption in Federated Learning (co-supervised with Mathias Böhm)
  • Simon Guggi: Outsourcing Beaver Triple Generation for Multi-Party Computation to the Cloud (co-supervised with Fabian Schmid)